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We know how frustrating it is to never be able to order during the drops due to everything selling out within the first 10-30 minutes. We don’t want anyone to be discouraged and would love to have you experience how amazing our onesies are.

We made a package just for first timers only. We will be picking 5 onesies from all of our styles. It will be a mix of types , short , knee length , long , with or without buttflaps.  Since our goal is to pull different styles your processing time can take from 7-14 business days. However the fastest time can be 1-3 days processing . 

Since this is a exclusive drop we may not always have pictures to show to protect the brand and designs being released and copied. You will have to trust us that your Newbie box will be fire and keep you coming back for more.

Due to the weight and the cost of this package we recommend everything be shipped priority so each package has insurance just in case your package is lost or stolen.  

P.S.  For all the vets or people who have been able to order at least once please refrain from ordering. We have separate packages for everyone. 

Our onesies are based around jean sizes.

If you feel like it might bit a tight squeeze, please email our team at

We can offer our advice before you buy!

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